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Is there a dress code?

Love Nightlife reserves the right to refuse entry to any patron who does not abide by our Dress Code policy.

Gentleman are required to wear long pants, closed in shoes. Although casual dress fashion shorts are permitted in Summer due to the heat (No, board shorts or sports shorts).

Ladies are expected and encouraged to dress to a minimum standard of smart casual.

Hats are not permitted inside our venue and are able to be left at reception in our cloak room for the duration of your time spent in venue.

Love Nightlife has a Tattoo policy in place that states any intimidating or gang affiliated tattoos will not be permitted to enter our venue.

If you feel you have a tattoo that may be questionable please call ahead of your visit to avoid disappointment.

Love Nightlife takes pride in the appearance of both staff and venue, and we hope that you will also.

What do you do with my information?

Love Nightlife, collects personal data from patrons using form builders such as and not limited to; Name, Phone Number, Age and Birthday. We use this information for; marketing research, future promotions, providing customer service, communications and personalizing further interactions.

Love Nightlife does not share, sell or give away your personal information to third parties unless when needed to comply with the law or in the case of an emergency.

Can I get in with Student ID?

No. All patrons require a Valid form of id containing the individuals photo and date of birth:

  • Australian driver licence or learner permit
  • Foreign driver licence
  • Passport (from any country)

For more information please visit Qld Government “Acceptable proof of age for licensed premises“.

Are tattoo's allowed?

We allow most tattoos into the club. Although Face, Neck, and Head tattoos are not permitted. Nor are offensive, threatening or gang related tattoos.

Do you have a cloak room?

Yes, we have a cloak room. You can leave you belongings at the front desk cloak room for just $2.

Please note: We aim to keep your belongings secure and as safe as possible but we are not held responsible for any items that may go missing or are damaged.

Media Policy

Upon entering Love Nightlife, you permit the use of any photos and videos taken inside of our venue to be used for our use. Either on, website, social media (images/video), or print. Upon entering Love you also allow for us to potentially use content (photo or video) taken inside of Love Nightlife for promotional marketing use.

We have a professional photographer on weekends that take photos of patrons. If you do not wish to have your photo taken you’re more than welcome to kindly request for our photographer not to take a photo of you. This is similar to any videographers that we may have inside of the venue. Please be aware that since you will be in the venue, you may be unknowingly in the background of shots by our photographer/videographer.

If you have seen a photo of you that has been taken by our photographer that you wish to have removed from either one of our main social accounts Instagram or Facebook, please email vip@lovenightlife.com.au or SMS 0423 801 195. You may also request removal from Direct Messaging us on those social platforms.